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SDG’s -New Years Resolutions. We start 2020 knowing we are way off track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by 2030 in full and on time and to do so needs escalated action everywhere

#Diepsloot2030 — Local Action in a South African Township Diepsloot, South Africa is an extremely poor and underserved township north of Johannesburg and home to more than 500 000 people. The name Diepsloot translates loosely as “deep ditch” or “deep gutter.” Poor infrastructure and overpopulation in Diesploot causes sewage to seep up through the ground, while the overuse of their facilities results in pipes leaking, taps dripping, and toilets not
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Celebrating 26 years of Freedom and to thank London and the UK.South-Africa-on-the-Square  is supported by the South African High Commission and is endorsed by and will raise funds for the foundations of three of the great leaders of the ant-apartheid movement and the work these foundations continue to do today Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by the Racist Apartheid Government for 26 years.  2020  marks 26 years since South Africans voted