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International Nurses Day – Celebrating Nurses and their great Work

International Nurses Day 12 May 12 May marks  International Nurses Day, and on this day the Joe Slovo Foundation pays tribute to the hardworking and selfless nurses in South Africa for the great work that they are putting into nursing the many community members who are affected by COVID-19 to full health and out of hospital beds. Almost 50% of people who were infected with COVID-19, which has become the
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COVID-19, air pollution and cooking: a deadly connection- “People exposed to air pollution are more likely to die from COVID-19 than people living in areas with cleaner air,

One of the few benefits of living in a European City whilst in 'Covid-19 Lockdown' is the sudden reduction in polution both air and noise - no planes flying above - no diesel / petrol fumes clogging up the air-waves. Some of us may be wearing masks whilst doing our grocery shopping as protection against COVID-19 but back in our homes with our postage stamp sized gardens it is a