Global Sourcing Summit – Creating 1000’s of Jobs in Africa

GSA Global Sourcing Summit & Awards 2018 Cape Town from 1st to 3rd October

The Joe Slovo Foundation are working with the Global Sourcing Association UK (GSA) and  The South African High Commision (DIRCO)  in London to develop 1000’s of sustainable jobs throughout South Africa.

This October the GSA will hold a Summit and Awards Ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa inviting companies from UK, USA  and the rest of the world view first hand the talent that South Africa has in the world of Sustainable Sourcing

South Africa today is a world class leader for Sustainable Sourcing. Together the GSA and DIRCO are targeting to create a further 1000 in the formal sector. The Joe Slovo Foundation has reached agreement with several sourcing companies whereby up to 10% of the income derived will be further invested in jobs in more rural and peri-rural areas with a particular emphasis on projects that deliver on the UN  Sustainable Development Goals.

The Joe Slovo Foundation through its UK office will further liaise with the originating companies continuously reporting on progress of the SDG projects so they can in turn demonstrate this in their corporate social responsibility reporting in their home countries. 

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