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Joe Slovo Foundation nominated for the AbilityNet Tech4Good Africa Award

Joe Slovo Foundation nominated for the AbilityNet Tech4Good Africa Award The Joe Slovo Foundation has been nominated for the AbilityNet Tech4Good Africa Award  for its work to build Stronger Communities in Africa.  The AbiltyNet Tech4Good Awards are supported by BT, Brandwatch, Comic Relief, Do-It, Good Things Foundation, Information Technologists’ Company, Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft, NFP Tweetup and ReciteMe.
Nelson Mandela

Address by President Mandela at Joe’s Funeral

Address by President Nelson Mandela at the Funeral of Joe Slovo 15 January 1995, Johannesburg South Africa Comrade Chairperson: Dear Helena, Shawn, Gillian and Robyn; Mrs Rene Ephron, Comrade Joe`s sister and other relatives; Deputy President Thabo Mbeki, Ministers, leaders of the Tri-partite Alliance; Dear comrades; Fellow South Africans; We are assembled to mourn the passing of a leader, a patriot, a father, a fighter, a negotiator, an internationalist, a theoretician and an
Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela confers Isitwalandwe Seaparankoe award to Joe Slovo

Address by President Nelson Mandela at the conferring of the Isitwalandwe Seaparankoe Award to Joe Slovo Comrade Joe Slovo, your militant and unswerving commitment to the ANC embodies many values which we wish to honour today. There are some people who, by pursuing their own convictions and without being self-conscious about it, touch the lives of millions of others. Such has been your life. I am not sure, comrade Joe, if you have ever particularly thought of yourself as a white
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South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and Joe Slovo Foundation Join Forces to Build Stronger Communities

  The Joe Slovo Foundation is using Smart City Technologies to empower SMART CITIZENS in Africa. Partnering with the South African Local Government Authority (SALGA), the Joe Slovo Foundation is improving participatory democracy and accountability at the local community level building Resilient Communities as well helping  achieve the UN World Humanitarian Summit Goals.