Challenge Male Violence Against Women

GlobalGiving  Campaign: Enlisting Men to Challenge Male Violence Against Women and Girls in Africa. Up to 70% of women and Girls in South Africa experience physical and /or sexual Violence. The GlobalGiving Campaign is generating funds to deliver the ‘Role Models Project’ that has been so successful in other parts of the world entitled: Enlisting […]

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south-african-court rules-against-cheap-bank-repossessions

South African Court rules against Cheap Bank Repossessions

South African Court rules against Cheap Bank Repossessions Judgement is a victory for Johannesburg homeowners, and potentially Homeowners across South Africa.   A full bench of the South Gauteng High Court  of South Africa ruled this week that repossessed homes may no longer be sold at auction without reserve prices, except in exceptional circumstances. The […]

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Global Sourcing Summit – Creating 1000’s of Jobs in Africa

The Joe Slovo Foundation are working with the Global Sourcing Association UK (GSA) and  The South African High Commision (DIRCO) in London to develop 1000’s of sustainable jobs in Africa. This October the GSA will hold its Summit and Awards Ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa inviting companies from UK, USA  and the rest of […]

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Happy Womens Day – “you strike a woman, you strike a rock”

On 9 August 1956, more than 20,000 South African women of all races creeds and cultures staged a march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria in protest against the proposed amendments to the much hated Pass Laws  the Amendments would have imposed even more restrictions on women .The women left a petition of 14,000 signatures. […]

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What do you get when you put a prominent Afrikaner , a couple of Jews and a Greek Refugee together in a courtroom ?

Question What do you get when you put a prominent Afrikaner , a couple of Jews and a Greek Refugee together in a courtroom   Answer Nelson Mandela saved from the Gallows   Last week I had the pleasure of watching a preview of “Life is Wonderful  – Mandela’s Unsung Heroes” – a documentary movie […]

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About the Joe Slovo Foundation

The Joe Slovo Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO# 930055404) and Non-Profit Company (NPO# 170-380) registered in South Africa with a UK satellite office. Inspired by Joe Slovo’s legacy, the Foundation mission serves to empower least developed and impoverished African regions. Utilising a ‘Sustainable Livelihoods Approach’  the organisation’s focus is on building resilient communities […]

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Life is Wonderful: Mandela’s Unsung Heroes

Film Life is Wonderful: Mandela’s Unsung Heroes Discover the story behind the infamous Rivonia Trial, where Mandela and his co-defendants fought for the freedom of South Africa, in this new film. The 1963/4 Rivonia Trial is one of the most extraordinary in legal history, at which Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment. After 27 years […]

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Nelson Mandela’s unpublished prison letters are full of life and love

Regrets, recipes for herbal tea and dreams of Winnie dancing … Mandela’s letters from Robben Island reveal the family man behind the political warrior. Gillian Slovo writes in the Guardian Newspaper about the new book of Nelson Mandela’s previously unpublished prison letters – recently released to coincide with Nelson Mandela’s 100 centenary celebrations.   In […]

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Nelson Mandela: The Centenary Exhibition 2018

Marking the 2018 centenary of iconic leader Nelson Mandela’s birth in this new exhibition about his life, career, and commitment to equality and justice at the SouthBank Centre London This exhibition explores the life and times of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918 – 2013) and marks the centenary of his birth. It provides insight into Mandela’s […]

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Join the Joe Slovo Foundation at ‘Mandela – the Legacy debate- Monday 16th July

    Mandela: The Legacy Debate Catch a glimpse of the life and legacy of Mandela at a debate chaired by BBC presenter Zeinab Badawi, featuring participants who knew him personally. Those whose lives have been deeply touched through their encounters with Mandela are joined by younger voices from South Africa and the diaspora. The […]

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