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Celebrating 26 years of Freedom and to thank London and the UK.South-Africa-on-the-Square  is supported by the South African High Commission and is endorsed by and will raise funds for the foundations of three of the great leaders of the ant-apartheid movement and the work these foundations continue to do today

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by the Racist Apartheid Government for 26 years. 

2020  marks 26 years since South Africans voted in their first democratic elections – an international beacon of Democracy and Racial Inclusiveness

A major awareness campaign and celebration is being held to mark the role which the United Kingdom’s Anti-Apartheid Movement  played in the liberation of South Africa.

The Campaign will culminate in September 2020 with a free, public youth and family focused event in London that will also be live-streamed free to South Africa and across the continent of Africa

Trafalgar Square in London was a key location and a global focal point  for campaigners who helped develop and maintain the international pressure that made a decisive contribution to ending apartheid in South Africa. 

There is a symbolic relationship between Trafalgar Square, South Africa House and the values of freedom, human rights, justice and democracy that many struggled for. 

It is premised on the simple belief that everyone can contribute to transformational change. It is vital that this legacy is preserved and that the values that were won continue to be championed”.

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