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Joe Slovo Foundation nominated Katerva Award.

The Joe Slovo Foundation has been nominated for the prestigious Katerva Award.

 Writing to the Foundation Dr Bettina von Stamm -Director of Awards Program said

“On behalf of the Katerva Awards program I wish to congratulate you and your team for this achievement, and welcome you into the award’s program”.

 “The Katerva Awards are the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. Through them, the best ideas on the planet are discovered, evaluated and accelerated toward impact at a global level.

Katerva isn’t looking for ideas that will improve the world in small increments. We’re looking for game-changers and industry breakers; ideas that leap efficiency, lifestyle, consumption and action a generation ahead of current thinking.

These ideas undergo a rigorous review process involving advanced data science tools, 500+ professionals, and five different levels of evaluation in order to be called the best, most promising on the planet. This is a celebration of radical innovation unlike any other”.

Katerva’s mission is to identify, evaluate & accelerate game-changing innovation.

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